ACFT Engineering Consultant ,
A mechanical and technical design office
Dedicated to industry.

ACFT Engineering Consultant 

With its 4 agencies, ensures the proximity and the reactivity of your interlocutors.
We are able to intervene throughout the territory, in your trades and in all our fields of study.

ACFT Mechanical design office

Brings you its expertise and quality deliverables to accompany you in order to help you achieve your goals.
The productivity of our teams ensures you a good management of your projects, by respecting the deadlines, from study to realization.

ACFT Quality certification

ACFT Bureau d'Études renewed its MASE certification at the end of 2017 for 3 new years.

ACFT Office engineering

ACFT Bureau d'études

18 rue de l'église
27170 Barc

(+33)2 32 44 31 51

ACFT Bureau d'études,
With the support of

ACFT agencies

ACFT Engineering
Normandy Eure(27)

18 rue de l'église
27170 Barc

(+33)2 32 44 31 51

ACFT Engineering
Normandy Seine-Maritime(76)
Elbeuf Office

20 rue de Rouen
76500 ELBEUF

(+33)2 35 05 43 84

ACFT Engineering
Normandy Seine-Maritime(76)

Le Havre Office

Route du Hoc
76600 LE HAVRE

(+33)2 35 24 42 36

ACFT Engineering
Paris / Hauts de Seine(92)

Levallois - Perret Office

38 rue de Villiers

(+33)1 75 61 18 99

Our sectors of activity

Environmental care
Nuclear industry
Chemical & Petrochemical
Food Industry

Our Services

Technical support
Fixed price R&D
Manufacturing achievements
Dedicated Team

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