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About ACFT Consultant Engineering company

We work in the following areas:

  • Mechanics: Conception of special machines, conveyors, production lines, ...
  • Metal structure and framework: Gangways, platforms, specific staircase, tower, building, ...
  • Industrial piping and general plant installation: Studies, preparations, follow-up of works, supervision, ...
  • Boilerwork and metalworking: Pressure vessels, tanks, hoppers, troughs, fitting and cladding of building, railway station, ...
  • Electricity: Industrial distribution, housing and services, automation and industrial equipment.

Our services:

  • Technical assistance
  • Flat rate
  • advice
  • Training
  • Dedicated Teams
  • Studies - Achievements

Our methods of intervention (3 types):

  • Technical assistance with obligations of means
  • Deployment of offers and realization of tray-type studies
  • Deployment of offers and realization of studies with the package

  • Mechanical design / Assembly and mechanical design
  • Metal Structures / Steel Structures
  • Industrial boilerwork
  • Industrial Piping / General Installation
  • Design Office Calculation Notes
  • Industrial electrical installations

ACFT bureau d’études, Normandy, France, Seine-Maritime (76)