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Calculations dedicated to Structures and metal frameworks

Complete survey

Feasibility study
Lowering loads
Finite element sizing
Static, dynamic, earthquake-resistant calculations
Anchors at the foot of posts
(Pre-seals with anchor rods, spades, etc.)
Calculation note

Standards used:

New standards:
– Eurocodes 1 (Snow and wind calculation)
– Eurocodes 3 (Design of metal framing)
– Eurocodes 8 (seismic calculation), PS92
Old standards: NV 65, CM66
English Standards: BS (British Standard)
German Standards: Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN)

New project or rehabilitation

Industrial buildings
Long-range buildings
Spiral staircases
And all sorts of other projects

And all missions related to our business

Ours tools:

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