Electricity, Instrumentation, Automation, know-how

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IEA Design Office
Expertise in Instrumentation, Electricity, Automatism

  • Complete study, calculations, 3D model, manufacturing file,
  • P & ID (Piping and Instrumentation Diagram)
  • Study and specification of instruments
  • Installation study HTA / HTB / BT
  • Reliability study of electrical installations
  • Diagram of loops and connections
  • Mounting diagram and electrical diagram
  • Cable schematics
  • Technical local arrangement
  • Tables and cabinets
  • HEQ buildings and low energy buildings
  • List of instruments
  • Sizing calculation
  • Plans of progress, implantation, development ...
  • Specifications of works (DCE)
  • Material requisitions
  • Supplier Consultation and Bid Analysis
  • Knowledge of electrotechnical standards in industry
  • Monitoring of your sites for the technical part

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