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In 2017, ACFT opened a new agency in the agglomeration of Elbeuf, as well as a mechanical manufacturing workshop.

This workshop is intended to implement the achievements of the design office.

    Mechanics and Automatism: the realization.

  • Study, Development, Industrialization of your mechanical assemblies, your patented concepts, ...
  • Manufacture, installation and start-up of your products.
  • Prototype and / or small, medium and large series.
  • Study and realization of tools and special machines.
  • Modification or improvement of your means.

Adresse :


Atelier N°12
20 rue de Rouen
76500 ELBEUF

Tel : 02 35 05 43 84

ACFT Bureau d’études ELBEUF Workshop

ACFT Bureau d’études ELBEUF Workshop