Office Engineering  Metal structures
Structural engineering consulting

  • Complete study, calculations, 3D model, manufacturing file,
  • Calculation,
  • Transformation: extension, addition of monorails, addition of gateways, addition of means of access,
  • Floor,
  • Feasibility study,
  • General installation,
  • Draft
  • Execution plan,
  • Execution plan from your overall plans,
  • Complete 3D model from your overall plans or our knowledge,
  • Manufacturing file (flow rates, assemblies, files for numerical control),
  • Nomenclature, (supply, shipping, flow rates, assemblies, bolt list),
  • Overall plan,
  • Locating map for 2D or 3D mounting,
  • Site plan,
  • 3D Model PDF, Tekla Bimsight (Interactive Viewer),
  • Assistance on your projects, Implementation of procedure,
  • Measurement of the odds and then put to the clean, possibility of reading via 3D scanner
  • The follow-up of your work sites for the technical part,
  • And all missions related to your trades,

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